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Zeugwerk Framework


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We at Zeugwerk GmbH are a team of experts in the field of modern software engineering in automation with our home-base in Tyrol/Innsbruck. We support companies in developing automation software based on modern concepts and standardization. The aim is to deliver sustainably stable, error-free software in short intervals.

With the products Zeugwerk Framework and Zeugwerk Creator, Zeugwerk offers a fully integrated application framework for the structured development of PLC software. Zeugwerk Framework is a set of libraries together with an application template. The libraries are programmed fully object-oriented, which facilities modularization and reusability. The Libraries and applications have a consistent, modern architecture and also well-defined external interfaces. Furthermore the framework is automatically unit- and integration tested via Continuous Integration. In addition to the fully integrated Zeugwerk application, all framework objects can be easily used in existing PLC projects, adding immediate value to legacy applications. The latter also facilitates the transition from classical PLC programming to framework-driven, object-oriented programming substantially. Zeugwerk Creator is an extension of the development environment (currently TwinCAT XAE Shell). The additional functions it extends the IDE with, make developing of a framework-based application a piece of cake and accelerates time to market for automation projects.


To get started quickly, we created Zeugwerk Development Kit. It contains the PLC libraries and the application template, which together form the Zeugwerk Framework. Moreover, it installs Zeugwerk Creator as an extension of the TwinCAT XAE Shell development environment for fast, error-free development. Additionally, to show you how it feels to develop a Zeugwerk application, it includes the template for a Quickstart application and an interactive, virtual model for commissioning. The framework libraries of the Community Edition are fully functional for 4 hours, then the runtime is switched to config mode. The Community Edition is to be used for non-commercial purposes only.



The documentation is split into several parts.

  • Quickstart: How to get ready and use the Framework.
  • User Guide: This part of the documentation is meant for all automation engineers that are using the Zeugwerk Framework actively or are planning to use it in a future project. This section gives an overview over the most important aspects of the framwork.
  • API documentation: Documentation for every function block, interface, function (...) that is part of the framework. This section is automatically generated out of the source code. Hence, suggestions or fixes must be done in the code.
  • Notes Licensing, etc.


Zeugwerk Development Kit comes in two flavors,

  • The Community Edition is publically available for evalution purposes. At the moment this edition is meant to give you a first impression of the Framework's features. In this version all features of the Zeugwerk Framework are fully functional. However, at the moment the features are only available for a certain duration (4 hours). After this time period all methods will cease to work and the runtime is switched to config mode. The Zeugwerk Creator that is packaged with this edition is a downscaled version of the actual Creator an offers only limited integration into the IDE. Although the name Community Edition suggests that this edition is open source (already), the costs for this project are too high for Zeugwerk GmbH to justify making this step already. We made some bad experiences with open sourcing our hard work right off the bat and hence the restrictions we enforce on this edition - We are however, together with our partners, evaluting this open and in fact you may already find some hints that are indicating this in the documentation.
  • To obtain the Professional Edition contact us. This edition includes all Zeugwerk Framework features and the professional edition of the Zeugwerk Creator. To get some insights on this topic refer to the professional quickstart-guide
Community Edition
Professional Edition
Update mechanism for PLC libraries
Integrations for sequential flows (Step only)
Zeugwerk application template
Integrations for sequential flows, equipment-, unit and application composing
Offline documentation
3D Visualization
Core Interfaces
Controllers (PID)
Containers (List, RingBuffer)
Filtering (FIR, IIR, Averaging)
Math (Matrix, Vector Quaternion, Interpolation)
Concurrency (Mutex)
Sequential flow (Steps, Sequences, Statemachines)
Platform: TwinCAT 3.1
Platform: Codesys
Platform: CtrlX
DateTime (Synchronizing RealTime with Operating System)
Periodic parameter access
Fluent string handling
Pneumatic actuators (all types)
Analog I/Os (all types)
Digital I/Os
Advanced I/Os (Lights, Debouncing, Pulsing)
Controllers (OnOffController)
Axis abstractions
Axis implementation: PLCopen (NCmotion, Softmotion, ...)
EtherCAT (Master, Slave, SyncUnits)
Communication interfaces for HMI
Standardized Statemachine for Units
Addon: Beckhoff Equipment
Axis implementation: Stepper terminal EL70xx
Power measurement EL34xx
Resistor bridge EL3356
Serial port EL600x
Addon: Experimental
Axis implementation: Technosoft iPOS 48xx
Axis implementation: Lenze i550
Axis implementation: Rexroth IndraDrive
Axis implementation: ELMO Gold
Support via Github issues
Usage timelimit
Priority support
Commercial usage
Access to bleeding-edge features


Feel free to contact us through our website and subscribe our newsletter to stay informed about our latest updates and releases.

Matthias Pfurtscheller | Matthias Seehauser
+43 5224 21404 |
Weisstraße 9
6112 Wattens


For commercial use, the Zeugwerk products are available as a 'Pro' version, which comes with an individual license, please contact us for an offer. The Community Edition is to be used for non-commercial purposes only.

The general terms and conditions and software conditions for the Zeugwerk products can be found on the Zeugwerk website.